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  • Unmatched Reliability

    CureFacts provides a scientific based rating of all types of medical treatments. Our rating is mainly based on statistical summaries of all valid clinical trials. Such summaries, called Systematic Reviews, provide the highest level of evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of treatments.

  • Plain Answers

    We clear the noise and offer short, straight forward and immediate answers, in plain English. With CureFacts' unique info-graphics, choosing the best medical treatments becomes as easy as stopping at a red light, exercising caution at a yellow light, and advancing at a green light.

  • Free to All

    Our mission is to help you choose efficient medical treatments and avoid unnecessary ones. This is why we provide the public free access to CureFacts online resource. You can read our answers anywhere, anytime, at no cost. We only ask you one thing: take good care!

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