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CureFacts is an online public resource that provides scientifically based and accessible answers for anyone who wants to choose better (effective and safe) medical treatments.


At CureFacts, we believe that we should all take responsibility for our own lives, and therefore be able to choose only medical treatments that can really help.


We provide everyone with free access to a reliable and user-friendly information about the effectiveness and safety of medical treatments and procedures of all types: surgeries, prescription and non-prescription drugs, medical devices, vitamins, minerals, food supplements, alternative medicine and diagnostic tests.


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CureFacts is a social impact start-up. We are graduates of the TechForGood accelerator, and Future program (in collaboration with Facebook). Our initial market is the USA, and then other English speaking countries.


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CureFacts A social impact company that helps everybody choose effective and safe medical treatments.
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CureFacts is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendations.

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