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CureFacts in a nuthshell:

  • One pager: here
  • Industry: eHealth
  • Stage: Pre-Seed
  • Location: Herzliya, Israel
  • Problem: How to avoid unnecessary and damaging medical treatments?
  • Why is it important? Futile treatments cause 2.5 million deaths per year
  • Solution: The first ever Evidence Based Medicine platform
    • A meeting point to established science, patients' preferences and doctors' experience
  • Solution type: Public online healthcare information resource
  • Demand: Healthcare is the most common search topic in Google
    • 1 in 20 searches in Google: 5 billion monthly searches, mostly about medical treatments
  • Market: USA (the biggest demand for online healthcare information is there)
  • Sectors: B2C (information to the public), B2B (referrals to doctors)
  • Business model: fees for referrals to doctors for online, in-clinic and home visits consultations
    • In addition, referrals to genomic and precision health tests to diagnose which drugs and what dosage fit specific patients.
  • TechnologyNLPRating algorithm, SEO engine, Rapid (Systematic) Reviews
  • Impact: Saving $75B of direct healthcare costs
    • For every 1% of the (futile) medical treatments that we help the public avoid


  • Selected to TechForGood accelerator (2nd cohort graduates, March 2016)
  • Successful MVP in the USA during 2016
    • 7% CTR, only 33% bounce rate, 3 page views per visitor out of 5 pages we had
  • Received Government grant (Digital Israel, Israel Innovation Authority) on April 2017
  • Semi-finalists at Mirage competition in Israel, July 2017
  • Selected to Future program (1st cohort), graduated on August 2017
  • Open Alpha launched on November 2017
  • Selected as one of only 4 reliable websites about medical treatments
    • BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, February 2019
  • Reached more than 56,000 visits on March 2020
    • With only 0.1% of the planned data, thus proving its traction potential
  • Selected to SigmaLabs Accelerator in Tel-Aviv on May 2020


  • Self-funded since January 2016
  • Private investment on May 2016
  • Government grant on April 2017
  • Seed round: expected on Q3 2020


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$210B per year, 15% Growth CureFacts disrupts the healthcare information market
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