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2020 05 10 SigmaLabs 

SigmaLabs - Here We Come!

CureFacts was chosen, among 10 other wonderful startups,
to its accelerator in Tel-Aviv (Wafe12).

SigmaLabs Accelerator, Tel-Aviv 10-May-2020
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2019 02 20 Trust 

Wow! CureFacts Selected as One of only Four
Trustworthy Websites About Treatments!

A scientific review of online resources about treatment effects,
found only four free and trustworthy websites for the public: 
Cochrane Evidence, PubMed Health, Informed Health and... CureFacts!

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 20-FEB-2019
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2018 11 06 Hadar Ron 

Introducing Hadar Ron, MD & LLB - CureFacts' New Chairman

Hadar is the founding partner of Israel Healthcare Ventures.
Active chairman and board member of numerous healthcare companies. 
We are proud and privileged to have Hadar with us.

CureFacts 06-NOV-2018

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CureFacts at GA

Our Evidence-Based-Meidicne Platform was presented today, 
at the JFNA General Assembly conference in Tel-Aviv,
in a session that included some of Israel’s top high-tech leaders
whose companies aim to help the world.
We are proud to be among them!

The Exhibition Grounds, Tel-Aviv 23-OCT-2018
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2018 08 17 michal Hemmo Lotem 

Michal Hemmo-Lotem, MD. - CureFacts' New VP of Innovation

Michal is a serial entrepreneur, a thought leader, a medical innovation expert and a trained Pediatrician.
The founder and CEO of BETEREM (Israel’s National Center for Child Safety) and of
 JDC Institute for Leadership and Governance, and twice a graduate of xMed Singularity University. 
We look forward to saving many lives together!

CureFacts 17-AUG-2018

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2018 07 06 Over Medication 

Joining forces at the Over Medication Conference

Many curious visitors at the first Over Medication conference held in Israel
attended CureFacts' booth and learned about our Evidence Based Medicine platform.
On the night before the conference we had the honor to join a round table
and share opinionswith the conference speakers, 
including Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, author of the must-read book “Doctoring Data”.

Dohl Center. Tel-Aviv 06-JUL-2018

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2018 07 05 Facebook 

1,000 and counting...

One thousand people already joined CureFacts' facebook page. 
Stay tuned and take good care!

Facebook 05-JUL-2018

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2018 07 04 Med Students 

Presenting CureFascts to Med Students from the USA

CureFacts EBM Platform was presented today for the first time ever to med students from the USA.
We got great feedback, and hope that meeting us will impact their career towards better healthcare. 

Taglit, Israeli Stock Exchange, Tel-Aviv 01-JUL-2018

CureFacts' Platform




2018 06 22 Health Activists 

Presenting CureFacts to Health Activists

CureFacts was selected to pitch, together with 5 other Israeli start-ups,
to the WOPA India & Israel joint venture program,
that offers collaboration, funding and qualified subcontractors!

Zichron Yas'akov 22-JUN-2018

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One! Two! Three! Impact!!

This month we presented CureFacts to 4 additional groups of Taglit visitors.
We also had the pleasure to host Israel's #1 Basketball player, Anat Draigor, and her lovely daugter.
Can you spot her in the video-clip?

Israeli Stock Exchange, Tel-Aviv 18-JUN-2018 (two groups) | 24-JUN-2018 (two groups)

Another Impact Jump




2018 05 11 Google Results a2018 05 11 Google Results b

Thank you Google!

Our SEO engine is alive and kicking,
10 results in a row on the SECOND page of Google don't count.
Therefore it is great that we have 4 additional results on the FIRST page.

Google 11-MAY-2018

CureFacts' Sitemap




CureFacts' Algorithms @ The Open University (in Hebrew)

On technology for preventing unnecessary and damaging medical treatments.
A lecture at the Open University event - "Medicine in the Viral Era". 

The Open Univesity, Ra'anana,
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2018 03 26 WOPA India

India - here we come...

CureFacts was selected to pitch, together with 5 other Israeli start-ups,
to the WOPA India & Israel joint venture program,
that offers collaboration, funding and qualified subcontractors!

WOPA, Ra'anana 26-MAR-2018

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2018 02 19 Nurses 13

The Future of Medicine is better than Expected

Today we lectured about the future of medicine (an optimistic prediction)
to senior nurses in the "Healthcare Information management Technologies" course.
The learning experience was quite mutual. 

IMB Xiv, Tel-Aviv 19-FEB-2018

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2018 02 15 Taglit

Three More Presentations of CureFacts at Taglit Brightlight this year

Israeli Stock Exchange, Tel-Aviv 07-JAN-2018 | 15-FEB-2018 (two groups)
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2018 01 08 IDC 2

What Do Impact Startups Need?

Tonight we met students at the social entrepreneurship club at IDC,
and discussed about vital components for building an impact startup:
Vision, Scalability, Why (we do it) and Business Model.

IDC Herzliya 08-JAN-2018
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2017 12 26 Global Impact IDC 01

Our First Booth Ever!
Participating at the Global Impact Competition

Such and excitement! We were thrilled to demo CureFacts' solution to hundreds of visitors.
We did not win the competition, but got enthusiastic response and great feedback.

IDC Herzliya 26-DEC-2017

Why were we competing against all odds?




2017 12 12 Taglit 

Two Additional Presentations of CureFacts at Taglit Brightlight this year

Israeli Stock Exchange 12-DEC-2017 | 244-DEC-2017
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2017 12 21 Rotary 21

Our 5 Minutes Pitch at Rotary Club Tonight Lasted 30 Minutes...

We were the last pitch, and we started 10 minutes after the event was supposed to end.
But with such great listeners, insightful comments, interest and support, the show went on and on...
Thank you Rotary Club Afeka members - it was soooo nice to be with you!

Afeka College 19-DEC-2017

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2017 12 12 IDC 

CureFacts on Communications, Ethics and Healthcare

Today we lectured to IDC students in the "Communication, ethics and healthcare" course.
We discussed unethical conduct that is so common in healthcare, but also some social marketing tactics.
Brilliant students, hopefully they will become the next generation of fearless health reporters.

IDC Herzliya 12-DEC-2017

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2017 12 07 FDA 

FDA's Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Software Guidelines
Paves the Way to CureFacts Platform

The new guidelines INCLUDE patient decision support tools (and not only tools for physicians), and mainly asks providers be transparent and explicit about the basis of the software's recommendations. CureFacts is based on systematic reviews and refer to them. Therefore, we already comply with the guidelines.

USA 07-DEC-2017

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2017 11 28 Hello Google

Hello Google!

CureFacts has opened its answer pages to Google bot this week.
It is nice to see our pages got warm welcome at Google.
It makes sense: after all, we DO provide the best answers about medical treatments.

World Wide Web 28-NOV-2017

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2017 11 26 Compare 

Compare and Share!

We just added functionality to CureFacts, 
that allows you to compare between two treatments,
and then share the comparison with a mouse click.
Now it becomes even easier to help others take good care.

CureFacts website 26-NOV-2017

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2017 11 16 Content Boxes

Content boxes in place!

We have just added dynamic content boxes to the bottom of our answer pages.
They provide education about Evidence Based Medicine and innovative healthcare:
recommended Video clips, articles, book, and posts from CureFacts' blog.

CureFacts website 16-NOV-2017
Example: at the bottom - HERE




How will AI impact patients? 

A lecture at the Leumi Innovation Festival 2017 [in Hebrew]
By Ari Manor, Founder and CEO, CureFacts

Tel Aviv Museum of Art 06-NOV-2017
Watch another talk in that panel (in hebrew)




2017 11 02 UK Landing

We have officially arrived to the UK...

Facebook 02-NOV-2017
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2017 10 30 Open Alpha

Our Answers Engine is Open!

Our Alpha Team - Adi, Ari, Tal and Tal, celebrating the new Alpha upload!
Upgraded an open to all, with the best answers online!!!

Herzliya 30-OCT-2017
Chech it out!




2017 09 17 TAMID5

TAMID Team Leaders

We just started a comprehensive market research with TAMID group:
brilliant teams from five leading universities in the USA.

University of Michigan, Brandeis University, Duke University, Tufts University and Johns Hopkins University
USA 17-SEP-2017

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2017 09 05 DLD Global Impact Exchange

CureFacts joined the eHealth round-table
at the DLD global Impact Exchange event

Tel Aviv 05-SEP-2017
See who we met there




2017 08 14 end party Future

Future go-to-market End Party

After 4 months of learning, this booster program came to and end.
We gained friends for life, and we feel ready!

Facebook Tel-Aviv 14-AUG-2017
Meet the First Cycle




2017 08 03 Future at FB

CureFacts Pitched at Future's Marketon event

100 guests, 13 stratups, one Future.

Facebook Tel-Aviv 03-AUG-2017
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2017 07 29 Symptoms

Now you can see which treatments help which symptoms

This and many other features - add value to our upcoming improved Alpha

Herzliya 29-JUN-2017
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2017 07 20 Taglit

Three More Presentations of CureFacts at Taglit Brightlight in July

Israeli Stock Exchange 04-JUL-2017 | 20-JUL-2017 | 24-JUL-2017
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Evidence Based Medicine?

A lecture at Reboot2017 conference [in Hebrew]
By Ari Manor, Founder and CEO, CureFacts

Dan InterContinental Hotel, Tel-Aviv 13-JUN-2017
Watch the lecture video




2017 06 08 Taglit

Four Presentations of CureFacts at Taglit Brightlight in June

Israeli Stock Exchange 08-JUN-2017 | 21-JUN-2017
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2017 06 03 YouTube

Introducing: CureFacts new YouTube channel

YouTube 03-JUN-2017
Visit CureFacts at YouTube




The Future of Medicine - an Optimistic Projection!

A lecture to top healthcare executives, predicting
how Artificial Intelligence will transform healthcare.

IDC Executive Education, Herzlia 15-May-2017
See the presentation video (in Hebrew)




CureFacts' pitch at Start-Up Stadium's Independence Day event, 
 was well accepted by a respectful panel of investors!

Spaces, Herzlia 27-Apr-2017
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 2017 02 15 Future08 

Startups Panel @ Future event

Spaces - Herzliya 15-Feb-2017
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2017 01 27 Unconference 

Sharing Insights about Founding an Impact Startup

Social Tech Un-Conference - Shefayim 27-JAN-2017
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 2017 01 23 TechForGood01

CureFacts was one of the two statups selected to pitch and recieve feedback from Yossi Moldawsky, founder and chairman of PlusVentures

Tech For Good event - Tel-Aviv 24-JAN-2017
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  2017 01 17 Roger Gladstone

Presenting CureFacts' solution to Roger Gladstone, Co-Founder of the IDC Legal Cinic

Wix Offices Tel-Aviv 17-JAN-2017
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 2017 01 16 Taglit

Fourth presentation at Taglit Brightlight

Israeli Stock Exchange 16-JAN-2017
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2017 01 10 Taglit

Third presentation at Taglit Brightlight

Israeli Stock Exchange 10-JAN-2017
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2017 01 01 Kibbutzim College a

Lecturing on Systematic Innovatopn in Social Startups

Social Businesses Management program at The Kibbutzim College, Tel-Aviv 01-JAN-2017
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2016 12 27 Taglit2

Second presentation at Taglit Brightlight

Israeli Stock Exchange 27-DEC-2016
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2016 12 26 IDC

Presenting CureFacts to social impact students 

The Social Entrepreneurship program at IDC - Herzliya 26-DEC-2016
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2016 12 24 Jon Brassey

Jon Brassey is CureFacts' new Chief scientist 

Co-founder and Director of Trip Database - Bristol 24-DEC-2016
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2016 120 13 Digital Israel

CureFacts wins governmental Grant 

Israel Innovation authority and Digital Israel fund - TLV 13-DEC-2016
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2016 12 06 Novus01

Presenting CureFacts to social impact students 

NOVUS Center of Entrepreneurs at the College of management - TLV 06-DEC-2016
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2016 11 30 UX4SU Google

CureFacts as a case study for effective design 

UX4SU, Google Campus TLV 30-NOV-2016
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2016 11 17 Mind The Tech Pitch

Pitching to VCs at the Technology and Innovation Conferencet 

Mind The Tech, London 17-NOV-2016
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2016 11 14 Minisitry of the Interior

Presenting CureFacts to the Israeli Ministry of the Interior

Minga at Hub Tel-Aviv 14-NOV-2016
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2016 10 10 Alpha

Working Alpha with inital QA rounds completed

Herzliya 10-OCT-2016
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2016 07 24 Minga

First Ever Presentation of Our Alpha, to Impact Facilitators

Minga at Hub Tel-Aviv 24-JUL-2016
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2016 07 23 Med4Dev 02

Ari Manor, CureFacts Founder, mentoring at Tech4Med Hackathon

Google Campus TLV 23-JUL-2016
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2016 07 11 Alpha

Our first Alpha Screen READY!!

CureFacts 11-JUL-2016
Learn about our solution




2016 07 10 Rating

Updated Rating Icons

CureFacts 10-JUL-2016
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2016 07 04 Trust 100

Trust 100 Nomination

CureFacts 04-JUL-2016
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2016 06 20 Taglit

A lecture at Taglit Brightlight

Israeli Stock Exchange 20-JUN-2016
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2016 06 07 StarTau

Tech Talk on the Bar

StarTAU 07-JUN-2016
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2016 05 10 Pilot

Pilot intentions with Tel-Hashomer Hospital

With Dr. Michal Hemmo 10-MAY-2016




2016 04 17e Illanovation

Social Impact Lecture at Illanovation

Bar-Ilan University 17-APR-2016
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2016 04 11 SEEEI

Advance Technologies for the 3rd Age

SEEEI Conference 11-APR-2016
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2016 03 28 Jeff Swartz

4 startups meeting Jeff Swartz, previously Timberlands' President

With 8200 Social Impact 28-MAR-2016
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2016 03 20 Screen Testing

Srceen Testing

USA consumers 20-MAR-2016
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End of TechForGood Accelerator

TechForGood end event 29-FEB-2016  




2016 02 29 TechForGood End Event

CureFacts' Virtual Reality Booth

TechForGood end event 29-FEB-2016
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2016 02 03 Impact Market b

Two minutes pitch by CureFacts

Impact Market 20-FEB-2016
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2016 02 07 Google Launchpad

Google Launchpad Week

Google Campus TLV 07-FEB-2016
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2016 02 02 Facebook

CureFacts is now present in social networks

CureFacts 02-FEB-2016
Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter



2016 01 28 Tamid group

Three groups of American students will help CureFacts

TAMID Group 28-JAN-2016
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2016 01 22 TechForGood End Panel

End Panel - TechForGood

Wix hub 22-JAN-2016




2015 11 01 TechForGood Accelerator

CureFacts accepted to TechForGood Accelerator

TechForGood Rally 01-NOV-2015
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