The impact we generate


Our Vision is:

To significantly reduce the frequency

of unnecessary and damaging medical treatments worldwide.


This is what keeps us going and what we will progressively achieve.


Currently, 30% and above of all medical treatments are ineffective, unnecessary and potentially damaging. We want to change that. We believe that anyone is entitled to take control over his life, and to choose better medical treatments for himself and for his family and dear ones.


CureFacts is here to provide everyone with unbiased and scientifically established information, free of charge, and in an accessible and highly intuitive way.


By helping the public avoid even 1% of unnecessary medical interventions, CureFacts will save the world $80 billion in annual medical costs alone. In addition, this will save insurance costs and further associated expenses and implications (work absence, sickness and death).


We aim to change attitudes and habits of using medical treatments and to ensure that everyone can take good care, live longer, enjoy a better life quality, and save unnecessary costs.


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Why CureFacts? We help you take control over your life, and choose effective and safe medical treatments.
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