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Antihistamine and decongestant combination
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Common Cold
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Antihistamine and decongestant combination (OTC) for treatment of Common Cold in Toddlers with cold

  • Damaging

    Bottom Line

  • Treatment with Antihistamine and decongestant combination (e.g. brompheniramine and phenylpropanolamine). 2 valid studies conducted, with 113 toddlers and young children. Does not relief symptoms of Common Cold. Dangerous and life threatening for toddlers.



Avoid this treatment:

It is ineffective and not recommended for toddlers. It is dangerous and may be even fatal to very young children.

About Antihistamine and decongestant combination (OTC)

For example: a combination of Brompheniramine and Phenylpropanolamine

  • Target Population:

    Toddlers with cold, 6 to 24 months

  • Dosage:

    Varies according to combination, age and weight.

  • Goal:

    Treatment of Common Cold symptoms

Research Summary

  • Poorly tested
  • 2 Clinical Studies
  • 113 Toddlers Tested
  • Ineffective
  • Benefits:

    Ineffective in overall improvement, stuffy nose and runny nose, according to the two valid clinical trials that were done.

  • Dangerous
  • Risks:

    Cough and cold medicines not recommended for toddlers, and may be very dangerous. No side effects were found in the only trial that looked for side effects.

Common Cold Overview

  • Medical problem:

    Common Cold (symptoms caused by viral infection of the upper respiratory system).

  • Symptoms and signs:

    Cough, general discomfort, headache, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, stuffy nose and weakness.

  • Complications:

    Bacterial infections: lung infection, middle ear infection, strep throat, sinus infection.

Other Treatments

Brand Names

Antihistamine and decongestant combination (OTC)

  • Alavert
  • Allerfrim
  • Allerphed
  • Altafed
  • Aphedrid
  • A-Phedrin
  • Aprodine
  • Biofed-PE
  • Claritin-D
  • Conex
  • Drixoral
  • Genac
  • Histafed
  • Hist-PSE
  • Loratadine-D
  • Pediatex TD
  • Trip-PSE
  • Vi-Sudo
  • Zymine-D

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Antihistamines are drugs which treat allergic rhinitis and other allergies. As an alternative to taking an antihistamine, people who suffer from allergies can instead avoid the substance which irritates them. Antihistamines are usually for short-term treatment. A decongestants, or nasal decongestant, is a type of pharmaceutical drug that is used to relieve nasal congestion in the upper respiratory tract. The active ingredient in most decongestants is either pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine. (source)
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