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Vitamin C (vitamin) for prevention of Exercise-induced Bronchoconstriction in Adults with Asthma

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    Bottom Line

  • Treatment with Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid tablets). Unclear benefits. May relief symptoms according to 3 poor quality studies with only 40 adults. More research is needed. Seems safe.

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Consider this treatment:

Unclear impact. Only 3 small researches were done, showing some benefits. More research is needed. Side effects seem negligible, therefore it makes sense to try taking 1-2 grams of Vitamin C one hour before exercise and to see if it helps.

Doctors Say That -  Tooltip icon

Exercise-induced breathlessness is common in Asthmatic patients, but also occurs to non-Asthmatic people. If you suffer from wheezing, shortage of breath and coughing during and following physical practice, ask your doctor to check if you are asthmatic. If you are not - try using a Ventolin HFA inhaler 30 minutes before practice, and see if it helps you.

Any excess of Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is evacuated from our body through the urine. This makes vitamin C pretty safe even in high dosages.

About Vitamin C (vitamin)

Ascorbic Acid tablets

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    Target Population:

    Adults with Asthma, 16 to 65 years old

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    0.5-2 mg before exercise

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    Prevention of exercise-induced breathlessness (Bronchoconstriction)

Research Summary

  • - Green Pages icon Poorly tested
  • 3 Clinical Studies
  • 40 - Tooltip icon Adults Tested
  • Unclear
  • Benefits:

    May ease breathing after exercise, according to 3 poor quality studies with only 40 participants. More research is needed.

  • - Safety icon Safe
  • Risks:

    Up to 2 grams of Vitamin C per day seems safe for adults and has no side effects. Doctor consultation is needed for diabetic adults or when in taking iron.

Exercise-induced breathlessness Overview

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    Medical problem:

    Exercise-induced breathlessness (Bronchoconstriction and related symptoms)

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    Symptoms and signs:

    Cough, low energy, rapid breathing, shortness of breath and wheezing.

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    Permanent narrowing of the bronchial tubes, respiratory arrest, hospitalization, death

Other Treatments

Brand Names

Vitamin C (supplement)

  • Ascoltin
  • Ascot
  • C-500 Chewable Tablet
  • C-Time
  • Cecon Drops
  • Centrum Singles - Vitamin C
  • Cevi-Bid
  • Sunkist Vitamin C
  • Vicks Vitamin C Drops
  • Ester-C
  • Vasoflex HD
  • Acerola
  • Ascocid
  • Ascor L 500
  • Ascorbic Acid Quick Melts
  • Betac
  • Cemill
  • Cenolate

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