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Chinese herbs (alternative medicine) for treatment of common cold in Adults with cold

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    Bottom Line

  • Treatment with Chinese herbal preparations. 8 studies conducted, with 1,511 adults. Unclear effectiveness due to high risk of bias and inconsistent findings. Unclear safety.

    • -  Evidence icon EVIDENCE | NEEDS MORE TESTING
    • -  Effectiveness icon EFFECTIVENESS | UNCLEAR
    • -  Safety Circle icon SAFETY | UNCLEAR SAFETY -  Tooltip icon Consult a Doctor


Do not use this treatment:

There is no clear evidence that it is effective in treating cold symptoms. Unclear side effects.

Doctors Say That -  Tooltip icon

Note that while infections with various strains of Corona viruses are responsible for most cases of common cold, the new corona virus strain, SARS-CoV-2, leads to an entirely different coronavirus infectious disease, COVID-19. The research of treatments for COVID-19 is still pre mature and not based on solid evidence. Therefore, at this stage, we can only speculate that effective treatments for common cold (and related Corona virus strains) may prove effective for Corona disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the related SARS-CoV-2 strain. Please don't count on it.

About Chinese herbs (alternative medicine)

Chinese herbs

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    Target Population:

    Adults with cold, 16 to 65 years old

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    Varies with herbal preparation

  • - Goal icon


    Treatment of Common Cold symptoms

Research Summary

  • - Green Pages icon Needs more testing
  • 8 Clinical Studies
  • 1,511 - Tooltip icon Adults Tested
  • Unclear
  • Benefits:

    Unclear impact, more research is needed. Current studies are at high risk of bias and show no consistent benefits.

  • - Safety icon Unclear safety
  • Risks:

    No side effects were reported, but there is high risk of bias.

Common Cold Overview

  • - Medical Problem icon

    Medical problem:

    Common Cold (symptoms caused by viral infection of the upper respiratory system).

  • - Sumptoms icon

    Symptoms and signs:

    Cough, general discomfort, headache, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, stuffy nose and weakness.

  • - Complications icon


    Bacterial infections: lung infection, middle ear infection, strep throat, sinus infection.

Brand Names

Chinese herbs (alternative medicine)

  • Banlangen Chongji
  • Biaoshi Ganmao Chongji
  • Chaige Qingre granule
  • Fufang Shuanghua granule
  • Ganmao Qinre Koufuye
  • Gegen Cenlianwei Wan
  • Huanghu Jiere Daipaoji
  • Jianer Qinjie Ye
  • Kangbingdu Koufuye
  • Qingyin injection
  • Qinkailing injection
  • Qinre Jiedu Koufuye
  • Qinwen Keli granule
  • Sanhan Jiere Koufuye
  • Shiqi Ganmao Daipaoji
  • Shuanghua Penhuji
  • Sufeng Ganmao Koufuye
  • Xiaoer Reganning
  • Yinqiao Jiedupian
  • Yiqing Shuangjie tablet

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