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Why should I prefer CureFacts over other online resources?

CureFacts provides the most reliable information about the effectiveness and safety of all medical treatments, in the most intuitive and accessible way. Unlike any other online resource, it enables you to compare and find out within seconds which treatments to consider, and which treatments to avoid.



What types of medical treatments does CureFacts cover?

CureFacts aims to cover any type of medical treatment that was tested in clinical trials. And since clinical trials can and do test all types of medical treatments, CureFacts will provide information on most treatment types you might consider: medical procedures (surgeries), prescription drugs (RX), non-prescription drugs (OTC), medical devices, food supplements (including vitamins and minerals), and even alternative medicine (for example - herbal remedies, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine). 



Why does CureFacts cover both regulated and non-regulated medical treatments?

From a scientific point of view, almost any treatment can be tested for its effectiveness and safety, by comparing the results of this treatment to the results of other treatments or ineffective mock-up treatment (placebo), in clinical trials. At CureFacts, one of our leading principles is that science is more reliable than regulation. Therefore, as long as a medical treatment is proven effective and safe in valid clinical trials, we rate it as helpful, even when it is not regulated as a medication. In fact, some effective treatments are so safe that they do not need regulation, and hence are not regulated, and it would still make perfect sense to mention them as reasonable options for treatment. 



What makes CureFacts more reliable than other online healthcare resources?

CureFacts relies primarily on Systematic Reviews, which are done by independent organizations and researchers, and summarize all valid clinical trials, and therefore are regarded as the most reliable type of scientific evidence. This sets us apart from other online resources, which usually rely on only one clinical trial, or on regulation guidelines that may be influenced by conflict of interest and by lobbying.


Another reason that you can trust CureFacts team is that we have no hidden agenda: CureFacts does not earn money from selling or advertising particular medical treatments, and therefore we gain no financial benefits in CureFacts from recommending any specific treatment.  As long as a treatment has been proven effective and safe, we will give it a positive rating, including when it is free of charge. Our interest and the reason why we created CureFacts, is to help everybody choose the best treatments, and to avoid damaging and unnecessary treatments.  



Is the information that CureFacts provides up-to-date?

CureFacts database is updated on a daily basis. We search for and include results of new and updated Systematic Reviews, once such reviews are published.



Does CureFacts use other sources of information, in addition to Systematic Reviews?

Systematic Reviews summarize all valid clinical trials, and therefore provide the most reliable information about the effectiveness of medical treatments. However, when a treatment is introduced to the market and used by many patients, new safety issues, that were not previously detected in clinical trials (and therefore were not covered by Systematic Reviews) may arise. Therefore, we use additional sources to include known side effects and safety issues related to specific treatments. In a similar manner, we receive continuous feedback from doctors and healthcare providers, and use it to improve our database.



How much does it cost to use CureFacts' online resource?

CureFacts is absolutely free to all, and you can use our database and get answers about the effectiveness and safety of medical treatments at no cost. 



Do I need to register to CureFacts in order to get answers?

We are currently running our Alpha version for which the access is limited and requires registration and then permission via email. Following further testing, we will open it to the public, and you will be able to use it without registration. You will need to register, however, if you want to keep your records (medical treatments that you want to save) and preferences (so that we can suggest treatments that people like you prefer), or if you wish to get our newsletter, notfications and updates.



If the access is free of charge, how does CureFacts earn money?

CureFacts' Evidence based medicine platform is a meeting point for science, patients and doctors. Taking established science, patients' preferences and doctors' experience into account is considered to be the best way to make clinical decisions, and to choose wisely. Therefore, consulting doctors through our platform is an essential component in improving clinical decision. In addition, doctors' consultation also serves as a revenue channel for CureFacts: we receive referral fees from doctors. This enables us to maintain our operation and to provide free access to all, while keeping us neutral and objective (since we gain nothing when you choose a specific medical treatment).



Does CureFacts offer diagnostic tools?

CureFacts provides information about medical treatments and does not offer diagnostics tools. If, for example, your back is aching, and you consider taking a non-prescription medicine (or if a doctor recommends a specific treatment for you), you can use CureFacts to find out if this treatment is scientifically tested to be effective and safe. This will help you avoid unnecessary and potentially damaging treatments.


However, if, for example, you took a non-prescription treatment but your back pain remains, a diagnosis may be needed. Diagnosis can help you find out the specific reasons for your back pain, in order to treat it effectively. In such cases, you should see a doctor, or use other resources to diagnose your medical condition.



Are CureFacts recommendations adapted to my personal background?

CureFacts enables a review of data about the effectiveness or safety of a specific medication for specific populations. It is possible, for example, to select and review only the evidence about treatments that were tested on asthmatic children. In the future, you will also be able to fill-in a questionnaire about your personal preferences as a patient, and to see which valid treatments similar patients prefer.  If, for example, you have mentioned that you cannot tolerate pain, painful procedures are less likely to be recommended. However, CureFacts does not hold or use your medical records, and does not replace a consultation with a doctor. If your situation needs medical advice - please see a Healthcare Professional. 





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