Why CureFacts?

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Why CureFacts


175 million! Every day, there are 175 million searches in Google for healthcare information 1×2; and the information we get there is complex, often biased and confusing. We receive various answers, which often contradict one another. Eventually, even when we invest a lot of time in reading and consult some experts, in many cases it is not easy to decide which medical treatments to choose.

We founded CureFacts because we believe everybody is entitled to take responsibility for their lives. To check whether the recommendation of a doctor is really suitable. To consider whether what a pharmaceutical company or a naturopath suggested really fits. To comprehend which treatments might help, and which could potentially be harmful.

CureFacts helps the public bridge knowledge gaps, so that you can choose medical treatments that are really effective. We offer an online resource that provides immediate and clear answers, and an intuitive and scientifically based rating of all types of medical treatments. In fact, our rating combines all the scientifically established knowledge that is currently available. Using CureFacts, anyone can take responsibility for their lives, avoid ineffective and potentially damaging medical treatments, and select helpful treatments that have been the subject of a systematic review.

Given the high percentage of ineffective and damaging medical treatments (estimated to be higher than 30% of all treatments3), if we provide answers to only 1% of the 175 million daily Google searches, we believe that we will help more than 500,000 people every day avoid ineffective and potentially harmful treatments, improve life quality and decrease mortality rate. Consequently, we believe that greater reliance on systematic reviews will result in savings of approximately 75 billion dollars (1% of the $7.5 Trillion global healthcare expenditures 4×5) in direct healthcare expensed per year. And this will merely be the beginning...

For all these reasons, we decided to create CureFacts.

It is not an easy path to follow. Many will object to it. The healthcare industry that wants to keep selling you treatments that may have no scientific basis; regulators that may be influenced the industry6,7,8; doctors who prefer to decide for you; and even patients, who sometimes prefer to hold on to old and familiar solutions.

It is not an easy direction to follow, but this path changes our world forever. It enables each and every one of us to take responsibility for our lives. To make better decisions on our own. To be healthier. To live longer. To enjoy better life quality.

Come join us!


Gain Control! After all, your life is YOURS.
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