A recommended reading list


Here at CureFacts, we believe consumer awareness is crucial when it comes to choosing effective and safe medical treatments. 


The following books and are highly recommended, and can help if you want to learn:

  • What forces drive the healthcare industry
  • Why over treatment and over diagnosis is so frequent
  • How to avoid common biases and misleading information


To improve your health intelligence - do your homework! 





Hope or Hype


Hope or Hype / Richard A. Deyo, MD, MPH; Donald L. Patrick, PHD, MSPH

Learn why new treatments are not necessarily good for you.

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Trick or Treatment


Trick or treatment / Simon Singh; Edzard Ernst, MD

Why alternative medicine almost always fails the scientific testing.

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 Your Medical Mind


Your Medical Mind / Jerome Groopman, MD; Pamela Hartzband, MD

Find out what type of healthcare consumer you are.

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 The Truth About the Drug Companies


The Truth About the Drug Companies / Marcia Angell, MD

A shocking tour behind the scenes of the Big Pharma.

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 Doctoring Data


Doctoring Data / Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

A witty, funny and very troubling exploration of medical care.

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 How Doctors Think


How Doctors Think / Jerome Groopman, MD

Common mistakes doctors make, and how to bypass it.

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Over Diagnosed / Dr. H. Gilbert Welch

How preventive screening create more harms than benefits.

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 Saving Normal


Saving Normal / Frances Allen, MD 

 Why psychiatric drugs over-treat the normal, and under-treat the mentally ill.

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 Bad Science


Bad Science / Ben Goldacre

How pseudo-science impairs public decisions about healthcare.

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 The Laws of Medicine


The Laws of Medicine / Siddhartha Mukherjee

On the inevitable uncertainty and imprecision of Medical Sciences.

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