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 Interview at The Jerusalem Portfolio

Joathan Gerber, The Jerusalem Portfolio 21-May-2020
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2018 07 08 PwC1

CureFacts in the Spotlight
PwC covering us their Startup Hunt newsletter 

Startup Hunt newsletter, PwC 08-JUL-2018
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2018 05 08 KAN Radio

 How CureFacts Helps Avoiding Unnecessary Medical Treatments
An interview at the Israeli Radio (minute 46:36) 

KAN (The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation) 08-MAY-2018
Listen to the Interview, starting at minute 46:37 [In Hebrew]




 CureFacts in Health News 2018

Health Channel - Hadar Aviel 27-APR-2018
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2018 03 29 IDC Radio

 How CureFacts Was Born
An interview at IDC Radio 

106.2FM (IDC Radio) 29-MAR-2018
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2018 03 02 YNET Menta

 "A New Research Shows..."
Why Clinical Trials Should be Taken with a Grain of Salt 

Menta 15-JAN-2018
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YNET 02-MAR-2018
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2018 01 29 Mako 

 I Have Realized that there is a mind-boggling demand for it  

Mako 29-JAN-2018
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2017 07 15 Beyond Medicine

 How to Avoid Damaging Medical Treatments?

Beyond Medicine 15-JUL-2017
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2017 07 14 Kan

 Podcast: How to Avoid Treatments that will Kill You 

KAN (The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation) 14-JUL-2017
Listen to the Pocast [In Hebrew]




 Evidence Based Medicine? - CureFacts at Reboot 2017

Doctors Channel 05-JUL-2017
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2017 05 31 Future

 Ari Manor, CureFacts' Founder, at Facebook Offices

Future Building Company 31-May-2017
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2017 05 07 Start up Stadium

 CureFacts' Pitch Features at Start-Up Stadium Cover 

Startup Stadium 07-May-2017
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2017 01 28 Beyond Medicine

 CureFacts Makes Factual Medical Information Accessible to the Public - an Article by Dr. Michal Hemmo Lotem, VP Innovation at Sheba medical center 

Beyond Medicine 28-JAN-2017
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2017 01 27 Geektime 120

 Arrive Wiser to the Doctor: CureFacts Makes Medical Information Accessible to the General Public

Geektime 27-JAN-2017
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  2016 07 13 Startup Stadium

 On CureFacts' Nomination to Trust 100

Startup Nation 13-JUL-2016
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2016 06 30 Impact Investing Israel
2016 06 30a Impact Investing Israel

 2016 06 30b Impact Investing Israel

 CureFacts mentioned twice at Impact Market newsletter

Impact Market 13-JUL-2016
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2016 06 30 Geektime Eng

 CureFacts mentioned in an article by Rinat Korbet

Geektime 30-JUN-2016
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 2016 04 21 Globes

 CureFacts profile at Globes Innovation

Globes 21-APR-2016
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 2016 04 21 Startup Bapkakim

 Interview with Ari Manor about CureFacts (minute 32:08)

Hi-Tech BAPKAKIM 21-APR-2016
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2016 04 10 Impact Investing Israel

 CureFacts in the Impact Map blog

Impact investing Israel 10-APR-2016
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2016 03 12 Impact Map

 CureFacts on the Israeli Impact Map

Impact Map 12-MAR-2016
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2016 02 11 Startup Stadium

 Why did we started CureFacts

Startup Stadium 11-FEB-2016
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