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CureFacts' Evidence-Based-Medicine Platform

Ari Manor, founder, CureFacts

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Astroturf - Manipulation of Media Messages 

Sharyl Attkisson at TEDx, University of Nevada




Battling Bad Science

Ben Goldacre



Maher Still "Not Crazy" About Vaccinations

HBO's Real Time, 16 October 2009



Are we over-medicalized?

Ivan Oransky, the executive editor of Reuters Health



Homeopathy, quackery and fraud

James Randi, Skeptic and conjuror



What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe

Ben Goldacre, science journalist



We need better drugs - now

Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, geneticist, physician



What doctors can learn from each other

Stefan Larsson, BCG researcher, a doctor by training



What really happens when you mix medications?

Russ Altman, big data techno-­optimist and internist





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