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Our initial solution includes:

An online public resource that provides scientifically based and accessible answers for anyone who wants to choose better medical treatments.


The waste on unnecessary health care services was estimated at $210 Billion in the USA in 20101. Globally, every year people choose and undergo billions of medical treatments and procedures that are ineffective, unnecessary and potentially or actually damaging. Current online resources often present confusing and unreliable information that promotes such futile treatments.


CureFacts solves this problem by providing a user-friendly search engine and a rating of all types of medical treatments, based on scientific reviews.


We offer unmatched reliability (rating based on a statistical summary of all valid clinical trials) and accessibility (free online access to short, clear and immediate answers, in plain English).


We aim to clear the noise, making it easy for everybody to choose only effective treatments, and, most importantly, to dismiss pointless and possibly harmful interventions.




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Online Resource about Medical Treatments Highly reliable. Very intuitive. Free to all.
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