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Getting information about medical treatments on CureFacts web site is free of charge to everybody, and does not even require registration.

Nevertheless, visitors can sign up and log in to CureFacts web site (at no cost), in order to use a secured personal zone, where they can: 

  -  Save information about specific treatments

  -  Add notes and remarks to these treatments

  -  See the information they saved online, via most web browsers and devices

  -  Share these treatments with pharmacists, doctors and other caregivers

At a later stage, visitors who registered to CureFacts personal zone will be able to: 

  - Receive updates about treatments they kept, and about other topics of interest

  -  Fill in a questionnaire that describe their preferences as patients
     (tolerance to pain, price sensitivity, preference of technological or of natural remedies, etc.)

  -  Get recommendations based on these preferences ("people like you prefer the following treatments...")

  -  Gain "Life points" for using CureFacts database and avoiding unnecessary and damaging treatments

  -  Set appointments with doctors and care givers and share with them information they saved

CureFacts' personal zone brings another layer of functionality to the users, while their personal details and the information they save remains strictly confidential and will never be shared by CureFacts with 3rd parties.


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