Evidence Based Medicine in action


CureFacts created the first ever Evidence Based Medicine platform: a meeting point between science, patients and doctors.

The scientific part of CureFacts solution includes our treatments database (based on statistical summaries from all valid clinical trials) and our clear-cut way of presenting this data (with intuitive rating of treatments, info-graphics and clear language). By combining these elements, CureFacts is bridging knowledge gaps, and making established scientific knowledge accessible to all.

Nevertheless, as it turns out, knowledge about what science tells us is not enough to determine which specific treatment may work best for a specific patient. In fact, the definition of Evidence Based Medicine1,2 includes three components: scientific validation of treatments, patients' preferences and doctors' experience. Only by combining these three components, can we make educated decisions and choose better treatments for a patient.

For this reason, CureFacts platform is designed to include not only scientific data, but also questionnaires about the patient's preferences, and a list of nearby recommended doctors when it is needed.

In the questionnaires, patients are asked about their subjective preferences: Can they tolerate pain? Do they prefer natural treatments or technological interventions? Is the cost of treatment important or negligible to them? Do they prefer intensive treatment with fast results, or milder treatment that takes longer to apply?


When patients answers such questions, their preferences are saved in their personal profile, and CureFacts' platform can recommend the most suitable treatments for them: options that are both scientifically valid and preferred by similar patients.

In addition, patients can save the recommended treatments for future reference. This will allow the patient, for example, to share these recommended treatments (and her preferences) with her doctor (or other caregivers). This saves both the patient and the doctor precious time during consultation.

Once a patient (or an acquaintance on her behalf) has a better idea what treatments fit her condition, and wants to consult with a doctor (or needs a doctor for prescriptions or interventions), CureFacts platform will be able to offer the patient a list of nearby doctors that are committed to Evidence Based Treatments. 

During consultation, the patient will share her preferences and CureFacts’ recommendations, and the doctor (or the consultant) will add his input: What is the actual medical condition the patient has (as opposed to what the patient thinks she may have)? Are there other important things to consider about this patient? Does she suffer from other illnesses? What is her general physical condition? What is her medical history? What does the doctor's experience tell him about the recommended treatments? Can other treatments offer additional benefits?

After considering all this, the doctor can discuss his conclusions with the patient, and together they can reach to a solution that combines the scientific evidence, the patient's preferences, and the doctor's experience.


Moreover, in cases where a doctor might ignore the preferences of the patient, or discount the scientific evidence, the patient can provide feedback to CureFacts which will effect the rating of this specific doctor and may lead to less referrals to their practice. 

The bottom line is that CureFacts platform encourages a respectful dialogue between patients and doctors. Together they will take into account the scientific evidence, and dismiss pointless treatments. This way, CureFacts platform implements Evidence Based Medicine as a daily routine.





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