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To err is human, but information about medical treatments can literally be a matter of life and death.

Therefore, we invest many efforts to try to ensure that mistakes are monitored, detected and corrected, and that the quality of the information we provide is the best of its kind.

Every piece of information that CureFacts presents is carefully reviewed by multiple experts (doctors, scientists and more) to assure that it is accurate. This is, for example, the major reason why we extract data in a semi-automatic way (as opposed to fully automatic - without human inspection). We also get feedback from doctors and users, and improve our data continuously.

In addition, the information we present was designed to minimize incorrect interpretations by users. For example, our filtering and sorting mechanisms were devised in order to reduce information overload, and to allow seeing only relevant treatments. Another example - brand names of treatments appear only if they belong to the specific age group that was selected. In fact, CureFacts entire user experience was carefully designed and tested to make it as user friendly and helpful as possible.

Bringing the most accurate data about the effectiveness and safety of medical treatments is not an easy task. However, we created CureFacts exactly for this reason - to provide clear and reliable information. Therefore, we take it very seriously. Because we care.




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